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DEG Sonne + Wärme GmbH

Our 50 employees are always there to help you with any matters regarding solar power & photovoltaics – from technical planning, installation, operation or financing your unit. For commercial and industrial customers we are happy to serve you as a general contractor. For Investors and operators we offer partially or ready to buildproject developments for roof and field facilitiesfrom 300 kWp to 150 MWp.


The German Energy Corporation (DEG) located in Verl, Germany, is specialized on the development, installation and the distribution of Photovoltaic facilities.

We offer tailored solutions for private and business clients for future oriented, intelligent energy supplies to large photovoltaic power plants for investors and energy suppliers that can serve several thousand households.

Our 50 employees professionalized in electrical installation and engineering, financing and project management can look back to more than 4.000 successful projects in the solar business and are happy to serve you with their knowledge and expertise.

With our years of experience we also managed to develop and produce several parts for our solar units on our own to make the installation and operation safer, more efficient and the units more durable. 


Photovoltaic in Germany is currently known as one of the safest and most future-oriented investments on the market. With the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) the government guarantees a fixed price for every generated and supplied kWh for 20 years. Next to this Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for units with more than 10 MWp become a more and more interesting alternative.

Our services include:

•   Project acquisition & development
•   Projectmanagement & realisation
•   Facility operation & service
•   Project financing & contracting

We constantly have a big portfolio of partially developed or ready to build photovoltaic projects as well as a brought network of investors and power suppliers to assemble an investment according to your demand. We are also happy to work on your behalf and find and develop projects based on your ideas and needs.

For Private &
Business Clients

You want to be independent from the current energy prices, improve your CO2 balance or even produce climate-neutral?
Photovoltaic serves as one of the easiest and most economic solutions for this purpose. With high performance modules, an optimized unit layout and a professional power management you can significantly reduce your energy costs or even supply yourself with power free of external charges.

For this purpose we provide:

•   An extensive analysis and consultation of your energy demand
•   A detailed planning and installation of individual photovoltaic units
•   Registration, commissioning & configuration of your unit
•   Permanent service and maintenance

The DEG is always happy to help and assist you with your ideas, questions and your individual needs.

For Roof &
Property Owners

Do you own unused roofs or properties, that you like to sell or lease, or are you are planning to renovate your old, damaged roof?

The Renewable Energy Act offers a unique opportunity to profitably activate this unused space.

The DEG offers in this context:

•   Purchase or lease of your property of roof space
•   Professional renovation of your roof (also asbestos)
•   Levelling or demolition of old facilities on your property
•   Examining the economic efficiency of self-supply

Our experienced employees can look back to more than 4.000 successfully realized photovoltaic projects and are happy to consult you transparent and detailed regarding your options, the processes and your individual needs.

For Operators
& Energy supplier

You want to extend your portfolio of renewable energy and profitably sell solar power on the energy market?

We have a big portfolio of photovoltaic units of all sizes – optimized for maximum return, low maintained costs and long durability.

In this context we offer:

  • Permanently updated portfolio of photovoltaicroof and field units with capacities between 300 kWp and 150 MWp.
  • Fully or partially developed projects for EEG units or Power Purchase Agreements
  • A consistent and professional support of your projects from start to end
  • Permanent Service & maintenance of your unit


From our portfolio we can offer you fully developed, financed and activated photovoltaic units or become active on your behalf according to your demand and needs.


Field Units
485.000 kWp
Roof Units
14.500 kWp


DEG Sonne + Wärme GmbH

Schmiedestrang 22
33415 Verl

Our experienced employees are always happy to help you with any question, issue or concern.

DEG Heating Installation

Within the division Heating the DEG is your reliable partner in the matters of heating installation and maintenance. With more than 400 Heating units you can rely on our knowledge and expertise. Our services include:

Unsere Leistungen umfassen:

•  Thermic solar power
•  Gas Heating Systems
•  Oil Heating Systems
•  Pallet Heating Systems
•  Digital Heating management

Our employees are always happy to help you with your questions, demands and needs.